7 Jan 2020

“We’ve been assured by Democrats, and their media lackeys, that it is absolutely impossible to find and deport eleven million illegal aliens, and that any discussion of the subject is absurd.

Yet, from these same mouths we’re asked to believe that finding and forcibly confiscating sixteen million ‘assault weapons’ from the hands of ‘ordinary citizens’ can be easily done”

Pat Sweeney

Commenting on the TX church shooting of 29 Dec 19, Democratic Presidential aspirant, and former NYC mayor, Mike Bloomberg, makes this confusing statement:

“Somebody in the congregation had their own gun and killed the person who murdered two other people, but it is the job of law enforcement to have guns and to decide when to shoot. You just do not want the average citizen carrying a gun in a crowded place.”

But, there was no armed “law enforcement” in a position to take immediate, decisive action!

Is the gentleman suggesting that it would have been better if no one had been armed, except the murderous criminal, and the criminal had thus continued to commit murders of the innocent and unarmed until such time as “law enforcement” arrived, or he ran out of ammunition?

Bloomberg never cleared-up that glaring contraction!

Of even more concern is his (probably inadvertent) revelation of his concept of himself and his “ruling class,” as opposed to “the rest of us.” Once in a while leftists slip and actually say what they really mean!

“Average citizens” he disdainfully calls us, as he looks down his nose!

That loosely translates to:

Hoi Polloi, the unwashed, the expendable, peons, rabble, riff-raff, serfs, peasants, cannon fodder, vulgate, slaves, etc.

We all apparently exist only to serve the “ruling class,” of which Bloomberg considers himself, of course, a permanent fixture.

That is an all-too accurate description of the superannuated European feudal system, which our audacious ancestors fought a Revolutionary War to get away from!

We are the real “liberals,” because we don’t accept the idea of a “ruling class,” nor do we think of ourselves as unwashed serfs. We don’t believe in a “Bill of Privileges.” At last reading, it clearly said “Bill of Rights,” and we’re pretty sure every one applies to us “average citizens.”

These snobbish “New Totalitarians,” Mike, Beto, and the rest, have failed to recognized, nor appreciate, our addiction to freedom, and have contemptuously underestimated our determination to keep it!

“Snobs have an inbred sense of entitlement. They’re convinced they have what they have, because they deserve it. They look down their nose at the rest of us in utter contempt, but publicly make a great show of ‘feeling sorry’ for us.”