6 Jan 2020

“The meaning of our lives is to justify where our bosses spent their budget.”

Lisa Schaefer

On Fox News this morning, there was a self-proclaimed “Public Service Announcement,” sponsored by the mysterious “Ad Council”

The subject was “Children Endangered by Guns”

The message was, of course, that all guns need to be locked-away every second of the day, so that no children (nor anyone else) will ever have access to them.

Serious guns, kept in a high state of readiness and access, for serious purposes, is obviously not a critical subject they’ll ever even acknowledge, much less address honestly.

We know, of course, that (to quote the late Jeff Cooper),

“A gun that is ‘perfectly safe’ is ‘perfectly useless’”

“Safety” and “readiness” are always mutually antagonistic.

To be truly beneficial, the ad should advise viewers who own guns to seek-out competent training, so that they can be made aware of reasonable compromises with regard to safety and readiness.

Of course, media liberals who compose such ads don’t own guns, know nothing about guns, don’t want to learn anything about guns, and thus have no sympathy for, nor understanding of, the gun’s legitimate role in personal protection.

Then, they treat us with this bit of fraudulence:

They falsely claim that nine “kids” are killed “by guns” every day.

This “nine kids/day” is a long-discredited lie that has been around since the first Clinton campaign back in the 1990s.

That figure includes “kids” from one to twenty-five years of age!

Many of these age-twenty-plus “kids” are actually violent criminals in the process of committing violent crimes, and who are appropriately, and intentionally, shot by police and/or legally armed citizens reasonably defending themselves (no “accident”), or are shot (mostly intentionally) as the result of intramural gang violence.

The actual number of real “kids” (age 1-14) killed by means of gunfire during accidents or suicides is far less than one tenth of the number falsely promulgated in the ad.

In truth, for every real “kid” who dies by means of accidental gunfire, six drown (mostly in swimming pools)! The foregoing is a fact that the Ad Council apparently doesn’t feel the need to include in their “Public Service Announcement”

Imagine that!

The real motivation for promulgating these false statistics is, as you might expect, far from altruistic!

These people welcome dependable funding increases for their “research,” particularly during an election year, any time firearms deaths are reported, because people writing the checks are all leftists who desperately want our Second Amendment rescinded, and all privately-owned guns confiscated,

Thus, you can be sure these “researchers” will bend over-backwards to report the largest number of gun deaths that can possible be generated (falsely, as we’ve seen) from their sleazy statistical massaging.

More deaths equals more money for them!

These are the same cocksure “researchers” who confidently predicted an overwhelming Hillary Clinton victory four years ago!

Liberals define terms, like “assault weapon,” and apply it to sporting/recreational guns that no self‑respecting army has ever, nor would ever, take into battle. That provides the false narrative for them to talk about banning “weapons of war.”

Yet, this obvious fraud is rarely challenged, particularly in the media, even Fox News!

Entrenched agendas are causing the journalistic industry to fail in its primary role!

“Facts are threatening to those invested in fraud”

DaShanne Stokes