17 Jan 2020


“Ordinance” is rule, usually associated with a local political jurisdiction.

“Ordnance” is a munition, usually military

I often get the two terms and spellings mixed-up. I need to be more careful!

In any event, it’s Patriot Ordnance Factory, or “POF,” owned and run by my friend, Frank DeSoma. Frank makes the wonderful “Revolution Rifle,” which is on my “Recommended List,” along with Robinson Arms, DSA, PTR, Century Arms, Krebs, Springfield Armory, Rifle Dynamics, BCM, et al

Several also commented my use of double-negative, “Not hardly”

Yes, it’s poor English, but “Not hardly” is actually a quotation from the 1971 feature film, “Big Jake,” staring John Wayne and Richard Boone. 

Boone plays the villain his time!

As John Fain (played by Richard Boone) lays mortally wounded, he looks up at the hero, Jacob McCandles (played by John Wayne), and says,”I thought you were dead!”

Jacob answers cryptically, “Not hardly!”

I’ve quoted it before, for emphasis, in the naive expectation that some would recognize the line and the movie.

I’m dating myself, once again!