11 Feb 2020

“He knows nothing; and he thinks he knows everything.

That points clearly to a political career!”

George Bernard Shaw

Democrats’ fawning adoration of the UK’s ecumenical gun ban, combined with their deep-seated hatred of guns that they believe are bewitched talismans, capable of ruthlessly appropriating personalities of their human handlers, irreversibly converting them into homicidal maniacs, is curious in view of Mike Bloomberg.

They seem to have no problem with this leftist billionaire’s expansive posse that accompanies him at all times, a posse heavily-armed with the very weapons Democrats so piously insist we unwashed peons should never be allowed to even touch!

Bloomberg’s pretorians are apparently “state‑approved,” until such time as they become excess baggage, or simply wearisome, and are then relegated to the same vulgar, second-class status as the rest of America’s gun owners.

I wonder if maybe one of our media propagandists (masquerading as a “journalist”) will muster the courage to ask Mike, or any of the other Democrat presidential aspirants, why they don’t take their own advice, courageously dismiss their posse of armed bodyguards, and “go naked,” just as they demand the rest of us do!

Curious that guns, when protecting them, apparently enjoy divine approval from on-high, and must never be questioned, nor even mentioned.

Simultaneously, they insist guns that protect us are evil, immoral, malignant, and we should all be ashamed for even thinking we might want one!

With regard to our Second Amendment, why must their be a separate set of “rules” for them and for us?

Why will no “journalist” ever dare ask that question?