23 Apr 18

Available at Wall Mart?

My recent Quip with regard to the current domestic mini-renaissance of the 10mm pistol cartridge generated much comment, and I sincerely appreciate all who took the time to remark.

Many 10mm advocates insist that the 10mm is every bit as reliable as any other pistol cartridge.

That has surely not been my experience, but my perspective may not be typical. Again, I must say I was surprised at the number of fans the 10mm has!

In my Quips I express opinions, some of which are right! I am one of the “seniors” in this Art and industry, but I don’t claim to have seen everything.

All of which brings me to the follow-on subject:

Serious guns I carry, and particularly those with which I travel, need to pass the “Wall-Mart Test!”

When Wall Mart doesn’t routinely carry ammunition for a gun, I’m not interested it it!

When on the road, I need to be confident that I can find ammunition that will fit in my guns nearly anywhere I go.

You’ll find 10mm, along with 45GAP and probably 41Mg too, at Cabelas and many other big gun retailers, but you’ll not likely find any of that at Wall Mart!

Most Wall Marts carry 9mm, 38Spl, 45ACP, 223, and 308, and even when you’re desperately sifting through the smoldering rubble of what used to be a Wall Mart, you’ll probably find at least some of the above, and you’ll then be mighty glad that you have guns with you into which they’ll fit!

Less-popular calibers, wonderful though they may be, are hard to find even in “normal” times, and thus do not represent good choices for travel-guns.

When I go to Africa, they never heard of 357SIG, nor 10mm, but there is lots of 9mm around (there, and most other places in the world where you’re going to need guns), mostly hardball, and it runs just fine in just about any pistol chambered for it!

It is truly said:

“The Art of Tact is best defined as the ability to make a point, without making an enemy”

I trust points I try to make I do so with sufficient tact and diplomacy so as not to offend the majority of those interested and kind enough to read them!