15 Feb 12

Last weekend, while conducting a Defensive Shotgun Course, the Class and I were treated to a live demonstration of the “Bruzer.”

The Bruzer is a small and relatively inexpensive, less-lethal, 12ga launcher. Basically, it is double-barreled (over/under) 12ga shotgun, in pistol form, with pistol sights. Barrels are only three inches (including chamber), and the unit breaks open like a Derringer. It is designed to launch less-lethal, 12ga munitions. One must manually cock the hammer for each discharge. One could technically fire lethal, 12 ga rounds through it (buckshot and slugs), but the resulting recoil would be intolerable. I surely didn’t volunteer to test that theory!

We had several dozen 12ga “beanbag” rounds available for testing, so everyone in our Class had the opportunity to shoot it. Beanbags go downrange at just under 300f/s, so both shooter and observers can see it in flight. The same beanbags, when launched from a full-length shotgun, go fifty f/s faster.

Bruzer’s recoil with beanbags is mild, and good accuracy against a human torso is achievable out to 25m. We shot them at steel silhouettes, and they made a good, audible “thump’ upon impact.

When launched at high angle, maximum range appears to be 150m, but practical, effective range is limited to 50m. Minimum range is five meters. Closer than that, and you’ll start to get penetration. Between five and fifty meters, the beanbag itself (a sock filled with 71/2 shot) is effective, but bounces off without penetration. A large bruise is guaranteed, and a cracked rib is possible. Best targets are legs, buttocks, and abdomen.

The Bruzer is being marketed as a low-cost alternative to 37mm launchers, Tasers, and sting-ball launchers. The Bruzer is relatively inexpensive and compact. 12ga less-lethal ammunition is also relatively inexpensive.

With world-wide civil unrest looming as the big law-enforcement issue in 2012 and beyond, I suspect the Bruzer will be getting as lot of attention! The copy we used ran as advertised, and everyone was able to hit with it.

Bruzer Less Lethal:

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