10 Aug 16

Brazil, the “Nation of the Future,” and always will be! Summer Olympics in yet another “socialist paradise!”

Down in Rio, armed robbers are having a field-day in the “human wild-dogs” versus “stampeding unarmed human wildebeest” competition!

Despite “extreme security,” the Olympic “security chief” himself was attacked by four knife-wielding armed-robbery suspects directly after opening ceremonies. He lived through it, through no fault of his own! Armed police officers arrived in time to shoot one of the suspects before he could perform a murder. Suspect was DRT. His companions fled the scene and are still at large.

Imagine this so-called “Chief of Security” not carrying a pistol. What a fool!

Portugal’s own Minister of Education was simultaneously assaulted and robbed as he headed back to his hotel.

Many other assaults and robbery/kidnaping attempts, but the situation is so embarrassing to local politicians, most of it is being hushed-up. The American press won’t report it, of course, as it does not fit-in with their pro-socialist talking points. No socialist/Communist government can ever do wrong!

The wise are not attending. Between armed robbers and local bacteria, it is not a safe place to be!

Back here, the wise go armed! We know that “rescue” is mostly fantasy. We know that “protection” is also mostly fantasy. What protection you do enjoy will be generally what you personally provide!

Socialists here care as much about our personal safety as do socialists everywhere else!

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent ‘virtue’ is the equal sharing of misery.”