13 June 16

Another “gun-free zone!”

LGBT, the lobby who pretends (falsely) to represent homosexuals, officially purports to hate guns and all gun-owners, ever aligning themselves with liberal, anti-gun propaganda.

And yet, we have a number of gay students who own guns, have CCW permits, and carry routinely. They all have an extremely low regard for LGBT and debased liberal dogma in general, particularly the “gun-free zones” that made last weekend’s massacre in Orlando, FL possible.

The relative simplicity, combined with the high body-count, associated with the Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando is not lost on ISIS terrorists. More are doubtlessly being planned right now, all in “gun-free zones.”

My advice:

1) Stay away from large gatherings/events, particularly in “gun-free zones.” Wherever there is a crowd, particularly an emotional one, go the other way!

2) Pay attention! Keep your head up. Be ever prepared to precipitously exit any area instantly. What “sounds like gunfire” may be gunfire! What “sounds like an bomb,” may be a bomb!

3) Go armed, every waking minute! High-capacity pistols with high-performance ammunition are best. Keep your rifle and spare magazines camouflaged and out of sight, but always close by.

4) Train regularly! We’re all busy, but don’t allow critical fighting skills to atrophy. You’re going to need them, sooner than you think!

5) Understand that you are “on your own.” Don’t expect others to care about you more than you care about yourself. Always be prepared to act unilaterally in order to protect yourself.

My prediction:

Things are going to get progressively more exciting, right here in CONUS, and it is going to involve guns!