4 Aug 99

This from a friend in California:

“Retired officer Angelo Glorioso, formally of the Alhambra, CA PD, petitioned the Department for a CCW-endorsed identification card. Officer Glorioso recently retired on a medical disability (work-related knee injuries) after twenty year of service with the department. Issuance of such cards is required by California law. Retired police officers carry guns in California.

The current Chief of Police refused to issue the card and also refused to schedule a hearing on the matter.

Officer Glorioso retained council and petitioned the LA County Superior Court to compel the Chief to either issue the card or schedule a show-cause hearing. The Court concurred with Officer Glorioso and directed the Chief to hold a hearing on pain of contempt.

The hearing was held in April of this year. During the hearing, the Chief and the City attempted to introduce into evidence Officer Glorioso’s entire employee record, including a disciplinary action taken against him five years previously. Glorioso objected on the basis of relevance, contending that the disciplinary action did not involve firearms and was therefore immaterial. Brushing aside the City’s incredulous arguments, the Board concurred and ordered the Chief to issue the card without delay, stating, ‘If CCW identification cards were withheld from every retired officer with a discipline in his career, there would be no retired officers carrying firearms in the state.’ ”


It’s a shame that we often have to fight for, at great personal expense, our rights. This is one we won!