24 July 17

“Our pathetic “Two-Party System:”

1) Democrats: Amoral and unprincipled, but shrewd, frighteningly ambitious, and disciplined, and who, when given a chance to seize power to which they are not entitled, will do so instantly, boldly, and without restraint

2) Republicans: They run for election proclaiming good and laudable intentions, but once in office invariably become paralyzed by their intrinsic inability to unify and work together, cowardice, and general ineptitude, and thereby repeatedly demonstrate inability to govern.”


Socialist State of CA:

In June 26, a CA state office found that Attorney General Xavier Becerra improperly withheld a new package of “assault weapon” regulations from public review and comment.

In less flattering terms Becerra contemptuously violated the law in an attempt to hide his new anti-gun legislation from CA citizens. He is a liberal Democrat, and his dishonorable conduct should thus not surprise anyone!

Passage of each new anti-gun law in CA ever ends with leftists/liberals gnashing their teeth and demanding even more severe restrictions.

CA Democrats are very close to ordering all gun owners to wear yellow arm-bands!

Their end-goal of banning all privately-owned guns is clear to anyone with two brain-cells to rub together.

Anywhere Democrats rule, our rights as American Citizens are never safe! They’ve demonstrated their intentions too many times for anyone to doubt it!

“Professing” Republicans are only slightly better!