6 July 18

“Where’s the Beef?”

For one, I have scant tolerance for meaningless phrases and terms, spewing endlessly from the mouths of shallow, self-centered media talking-heads!

Recently, we’ve seen and heard yet another typically glib headline, in the wake of high-profile, violent incidents:

“Security to be ‘beefed-up’ at _________”


What does that mean?

We’re supposed to naively believe that real, substantive physical security enhancements have been made in this institution or that, in an effort to protect the disarmed from VCAs, who are armed.

Yet, in most cases, “beefed-up-security” loosely translates to:

(1) Additional overtime hours for unarmed security

(2) More cameras (that no one watches)

(3) More “gun-free-zone” signs (that are universally ignored, particularly by VCAs)

And that’s about it!

The term, “beefing-up security” has been added to the trendy lexicon of meaningless, non-descriptive supererogatory verbiage, like “holistic approach,” “going forward,” “at the end of the day,” “reach out,” ad nauseam.

It’s a shallow, phoney “filler-phrase”, a “feel-good expression” devoid of any substantive meaning, designed for blind consumption by the naive and self-indulgent.

What is remarkable, and simultaneously tragic, is that nationwide “beefing-up security” initiatives never include allowing innocent citizens, who are the ones most threatened by armed VCAs, the right do defend themselves in any way that has at least some chance of success.

American citizens, facing a real threat of sudden, lethal attack where they work, at public gatherings, in their homes, as they travel, are routinely precluded from assuming any responsibility for their own self defense.

Instead, they are “assured” that “security” as been “beefed-up.”

This represents an amoral lie and an outrage of immense proportions!

Once again, the only way that the word “security” will ever have any real meaning is when it is personal!

“All utopias are dystopias. The term ‘dystopia’ was coined by fools who believed a ‘utopia’ can be functional.”

AE Samaan