17 Mar 13

I’ve been carrying around my copy of ASP’s “Turbo” flashlight for a number of weeks. It’s six inches long and one inch in diameter, one and a half inches in diameter at the bulb end. It runs on two, 123 batteries So, it is small enough to carry in the cargo-pocket of my 511 trousers.

With its Cree bulb, the Turbo put out a legitimate 700 lumens! It is so bright, it is stunning. The brightest flashlight I’ve ever carried, of any size.

I’ve used it in the low-light portion of several recent Courses. It clearly outshines everything else. The only thing that comes close is the similar sized, 600-lumen Terralux, also an excellent light!

I recommend to all my students that they not walk around without a flashlight, a flashlight powerful enough to qualify as a non-lethal weapon. Flashlights, even the Turbo, are unregulated and can be freely carried anywhere, even aboard commercial aircraft and in schools, all without violating any law.

Without fail, when I direct the Turbo’s lens at an approaching, suspicions individual, the blast of light sends him stumbling backward, dazed and confused. Plenty of time for me to disengage and separate. Of course, the unexpected blast of light causes no permanent harm, but, in the short term, it is genuinely painful and significantly disorienting!

The Turbo thus represents a “weapon” that can be legally carried by anyone, anywhere. Everything my friends at ASP make is top-drawer, but the Turbo Flashlight is one product I can commend to everyone!

Recommended, whether you “go-armed” or not!

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