23 Jan 2020

2020 SHOT Show:

Third Day:

Many have asked for a link to the Brian Hoffner video I referenced yesterday. It is highly recommended for anyone carrying a serious blade!


Of note today:

Anderson Manufacturing, makers of the Anderson AR, is still the only manufacturer that treats all their rifles with the RF85 coating (if that’s the right term). They recommend their rifles be run completely dry!

We’ve had Anderson M4s in Classes, and we’ve used them as the basis for our FSM4. They are excellent, and the RF85 treatment works as advertised!

POF (Patriot Ordnance Factory) now makes a Direct-Gas 308 caliber version of their Revolution Rifle. The piston-driven version is $2.3K. This new gas version is $1.7k, and it is actually the lighter of the two!

John Ring, maker of Ring’s “Blue Guns,” tells me that all of his prop-guns are his signature blue color. He has made a few black ones for the movie industry, but they are closely controlled.

John’s blue guns’ dimensions are a two percent reduction from actual dimensions of the gun they are designed to simulate, so they fit in all holsters.

I got my hands on S&W’s 9mm EZ pistol today. Slide is easy to move, as is the case with the 380Auto version, and the two are almost exactly the same size, about the size of a G43. Both have a grip safety, and a non-jointed trigger. Both are very slim!

Hi-Viz now makes light-tube pistol sights that are also self-luminescent night sights, much like the True Glow product. Hi-Viz version can be had in three-dot, or Express Sights!

Ft Knox gun safes can be had with both an electronic push-button combination lock, and also a conventional dial combination lock, both on the same safe, one above the other!

For those who just don’t trust electronic combination locks, this system provides a back-up, so you can always get into your safe!

There were a number of other safe manufacturers at the Show who had wares on display, but Ft Knox is the only one to offer this option.

Blue Force Gear introduced their new, amazingly light-weight “Molleminus” Gear Belt. It features an inner and outer belt, connected via velcro. Very handy!

Friends at Steiner Optics showed me their P4Xi 1×4 tactical rifle optic today. Nice size, reticle combined with a red-dot, and there is nothing like Steiner glass!

At under $1k, this represents an excellent force-multiplier for serious rifles, particularly in 7.62×51 caliber.

Leupold’s and Trijicon’s versions are about the same price. Zeiss’ version is $1.7k

Steiner is also making a non-magnifying red-dot, called the DRS1X. It’s similar to an EOTech, but thoroughly ruggedized. Controls are on top. Runs on AAs.

Tomorrow is the last day!