21 Jan 2020

2020 SHOT Show, Las Vegas, NV, First Day

The Show is huge, as always. Here are my comments:

I’ll get this out of the way first!

I handled Colt’s re-introduced Python Revolver today. Trigger is wonderful. It’s a very nice $1,500.00 revolver!

Unhappily, Colt, like Cabot Arms, is now a “boutique” gun company, making high-end iterations of obsolete guns.

Colt makes nothing in the way of modern, service pistols, to compete with Glock and the rest, despite several abortive attempts.

EAG Tac now makes a small, carry flashlight, the DX3, that has an output of 2500 lumens! Brightness is amazing. I’m getting a copy!

Torkmag makes a line of polymer AR magazines that are nice and relatively inexpensive.

Ergo makes a rubber grip for snubby revolvers (Ruger and S&W) called the Delta Grip. They are thin, but really fill your hand. Excellent bridge between big hands and snubby revolvers!

PTR, makers of domestic H&K 91 Rifles, had them on display in both 7.62×51 (308) and 7.62×39. A 5.56×45 version will be out this year!

Robinson Armament has re-introduced the RA96 Rifle (copy of the Stoner 63)! It can be set-up for top feeding (BREN style) at the option of the owner!

Alex Robinson explained that this rifle had been so popular in the past that he decided to start. manufacturing it again.

Robinson’s competitor to SIG’s popular MPX is the PCC (Pistol Cartridge Carbine).

Firstlight’s TORQ is a universal utility light that can be clamped to just about anything. Army medics are now issued them!

DSA now makes polymer 20-round FAL magazines! Very light and well executed. The only thing metal is the spring. I got a couple!

Double Star is now in the knife business (in addition to their excellent line of ARs)! Their “Fang” is a slick neck-knife.

James River Armory, like Century Arms, imports all kinds of military rifles. When you want an SKS, or an Enfield, they probably have one for you!

I carry a SIG 320 and have for most of last year and all of this one, so far. It represents a very acceptable choice for a serious, carry-gun.

Today, I handled what may be its replacement! The 320X Compact is slightly smaller and has SIG’s new flat trigger. Smooth, short pull and quick, crisp, shallow reset. Very conducive to serious shooting!

You can get it with SIG’s Romeo optic. The Romeo is now motion-activated, to extend battery life. Brightness is adjustable.

As we departed the Sands Expo Center after enjoying dinner with friends at the Palazzo hotel, we heard police sirens from several directions, and saw lit‑up beat‑cars passing us in the opposite direction.

Of course, In Las Vegas, police sirens are not unusual!

We continued on back to our hotel.

We just heard on the news that there was a multiple shooting incident at a fashion‑mall show, just across from the Sands Convention Center where we had just been!

Local news media reports multiple gunshot victims. Few other details.

We are reminded, once more, that danger, lethal danger, is never far away, no matter where you are!

More tomorrow!