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17 Aug 21   “Cowardice, rightly understood, begins with selfishness, ends with shame.”   José Rizal   Taliban insurgents, immediately upon their nearly effortless take-over of the entirety of Afghanistan, began:   1) Forcibly confiscating all privately-owned weapons. They want no serious opposition. This is exactly what Democrats want to do here!   2) Going […]

That Clever Covid!

11 Aug 21   “… and it won’t make one bit of difference if I answer right or wrong.   When you’re rich, they think you really know!”   Reb Tevye (played by Chaim Topol) in “If I Were a Rich Man,” from the 1971 feature film, “Fiddler on the Roof”   “Deplorables,” the favorite […]


10 Aug 21   An unreported commercial flying incident, from a friend and student:   “In the middle of a commercial flight (domestic) last week, flight attendants suddenly asked if there was a physician on-board.   I discretely raised my and, and they came and escorted me to the front of the aircraft.   They […]

“Extemists” to the Rescue!

4 Aug 21   “A casual stroll through a lunatic asylum will convince you that ‘faith’ proves nothing.”   Friedrich Nietzsche   “Extremists” to the rescue!   In promoting the concept of hot ranges, I often put it this way:   “Range Safety” is correctly defined as, “Those reasonable precautions we take to reduce risk, […]

Slaves Indeed!

2 Apr 21   “My faith in God is strong, but my faith in our ‘leadership’ is weak”   Abraham Lewis   In a cynical gesture to his Marxist base, JRB has announced that the current pestilence of “gun violence” infesting virtually all our metro areas, particularly those with Democrat mayors, is all caused by […]


28 July 21   Police “Reform?”   Last Saturday, Sheriff’s deputies in WA attempted to pull-over a school bus that had been reported stolen.   The driver refused to pull over, despite multiple police vehicles in pursuit, all with lights and sirens engaged.   Yet, the pursuit had to be called-off.   As the bus […]

The Monsters are Out!

26 July 21   On a Roll!   In the 1970s, many in then-President Nixon’s Cabinet (Kissinger in particular) pushed for “normalization of relations” with Communist China.   They were all foolishly confident that Communist China would morph into a wide-open, Western-style, pluralistic consumer-society that would soon embrace individual economic freedom (capitalism), and ultimately individual […]

Weapons History!

23 July 21   “Good name in man and woman, dear my lord, Is the immediate jewel of their souls: Who steals my purse steals trash; ’tis something, nothing; ‘Twas mine, ’tis his, and has been slave to thousands: But he that filches from me my good name Robs me of that which not enriches […]

Present Tense!

21 July 21   “Fighting is always in the present tense!”   Frank Sharpe   An NYPD officer was robbed, beaten, and had his personal vehicle hijacked in Manhattan last week.   The officer, off-watch at the time, spotted a suspect breaking into a parked car. The officer approached and confronted the suspect, only to […]


20 July 21   “I’ve never been able to understand why a Republican contributor is a ‘fat cat,’while a Democratic contributor of the same amount of money is a ‘public-spirited philanthropist’.”   Ronald Reagan   Labels!   The leftist media, famous for labeling American gun-manufacturers, retailers, and publishers. “Merchants of Death,” have invented a new […]

A Good Loser!

14 July 21   “Show me a ‘good loser,’ and I’ll show you a loser!”   Las Vegas Axiom   Who recklessly adopt and practice “victimhood” as a personal and group MO, do so at their own peril!   The end for “professional victims” is always tragedy, for both them and the civilizations where they […]

Armed Citizens Keep our Community Safe!

13 July 21   “Lawfully Armed Citizens Keep our Community Safe”   Mantra of “Safecitizen,” a SA gun-owners association   From a friend in South Africa, close to the rioting:   “Widespread, destructive, and murderous rioting, looting, and arson has erupted in the wake of the arrest and jailing of 79-year-old former ANC president, Jacob […]


5 July 21   “When you’re ahead of your time, it is inevitable you will anger some people for leaving them behind.”   Matshona Dhliwayo   The “ahead-of-its-time” MG34   Toward the end of WWII, several hundred-thousand Nazi troops were stationed in Norway, and after the D-Day invasion (6 June 1944) they were immediately scheduled […]


2 July 21   Bodyguard! A client and long-time friend is currently hiring personal security personnel: >Family protection   >Travel (sometimes international) is involved. >Relocation to Denver, CO (Loveland) area is required >Full-time. Starting at 65k-85k, with all benefits >Looking for active/retired LEO, Military >If you’re interested, email Tim Hooper: /John

“No one was more surprised than I …”

1 July 21   “… sinister men with terrible secrets”   Iris Murdoch   Our current Chairman of the JCS piously claims to have been “shocked” when he read a recent AP news article that reported thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of guns (rifles, pistols, LMGs) missing from our military armories, within CONUS.   The […]


29 June 21   No protection!   Last Friday, in Wuerzburg, Germany, a man of Somali origin nonchalantly walked into a department store and asked to look at knives.   He then casually selected one and immediately stabbed three women, while AA shouting. All three died at the scene!   Several others were subsequently attacked, […]

Yesterday’s Speech

24 June 21   “Most don’t know what they believe. They only know what they wish to believe.   How many blame God for man’s atrocities, yet wouldn’t dream of imprisoning a mother for her son’s crimes?”   Criss Jami   JRB’s “gun control” speech of yesterday:   Flat, monotonic, robotic, mostly whispered!   JRB’s […]

Colt and FN

22 June 21   “No generalization is worth a damn, including that one”   Justice OW Holmes   At the beginning of the 1900s, both Colt in the USA and FN in Belgium had an association with prolific American gun-designer, John M Browning (who died in 1926), and both produced pistols that look very much […]

Reising Gun

21 June 21   “Cucumbers get more ‘pickled’ than brine gets ‘cucumbered’”   Design Engineer’s Proverb   The Reising Gun:   USMC had a paratroop unit during WWII, but it never jumped anywhere!   However, it was that unit that demanded an SMG (submachine gun) as well as the Johnson Rifle, as the Johnson’s barrel […]


17 June 21   “‘Anarcho-tyranny’ is a concept, where the state is more interested in controlling citizens, so that citizens do not oppose the overbearing political class (tyranny), rather than controlling real criminals (which might bring about peace and prosperity, and worst of all, dignity).   ‘Laws’ are therefore enforced only selectively, depending on what […]