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Look around you!

28 June 20 “The ‘right to be heard’ does not imply a ‘right’ to be taken seriously.” Hubert Humphrey From a friend in South Africa: “The Sharpeville Massacre (21 Mar 60) was our ‘George-Floyd Moment.’ After that, our nation was progressively taken-over by Communists/anarchists. Many argued for less radical ‘reforms,’ but we were swept aside. […]

New Records!

22 June 20 “NYC, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, LA, SF, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Detroit, Seattle, et al were at one time known among savvy travelers as ‘gilded sewers.’ Now, they’re all just ‘sewers!’ ‘Gilding,’ along with the balance of pretenses, is long-gone!” Feldman Chicago is, once again, “setting records,” but not the kind they wanted! 102 people […]

Bad behavior, not ethnicity, is the problem!

21 June 20 “Rich and strong nations, learned in the arts, have brusquely passed away, to be forgotten, so that no memory of them remains.” H Rider Haggard Atlanta’s (former) police chief precipitously fired both officers involved in the fatal OIS of 13 June 20 (Saturday), within hours of the incident, before any species of […]


18 June 20 Trends! Gun retailers I see regularly tell me shotguns, particularly pump-guns, are experiencing a renaissance! Remington 870s, Mossberg 500/590s, Stoeger P3000s, and particularly Mossberg’s “Maverick 88″ go out the door within hours, sometimes minutes, of arrival! Simultaneously, high-grade “sporting” shotguns gather dust. Price-point for many long-gun buyers is 1k. Below that, guns […]

The Mob!

17 June 20 “The mob is the most ruthless of tyrants” Friedrich Nietzsche The Mob Rules! The MVSN (“Milizia Volontaria per la Sicurezza Nazionale”) was Benito Mussolini’s “provisional wing.” They were otherwise known as “Blackshirts,” and they terrorized the Italian Peninsula from the 1920s through the end of WWII. They murdered, destroyed property, and otherwise […]

“Who protests is an enemy. Who opposes is a corpse.” Pol Pot

15 June 20 “I respectfully decline the invitation to join your hallucination.” Scott Adams In the wake of current events, several long-professed pretenses are finally falling away. In this country we have at least made of pretense of justice and protection for all, with individual rights and unlimited opportunity extended to everyone, special privileges extended […]

“Silence is Violence!:”

13 June 20 Getting Worse! “Silence is Violence” is now the mantra of rioters in MN and WA. When you remain silent, or fail to enthusiastically endorse their Communist Manifesto, you are deserving of physical violence directed against you, and rioters know that no one will protect you! It is now common practice for BLM […]


13 June 20 “Keep people from their history, and they are easily controlled.” Karl Marx Demands: Demands of Communist-inspired rioters have just begun! They’re destroying our history, destroying our monuments, promoting physical violence against all who voice opposition, all to the wild cheers of the DNC and their media lackeys. Next, they’ll demand street-names, park […]