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Live From The Field

2 July 22   “Wrong does not cease to be wrong, just because the majority share in it.” Leo Tolstoy   There is scant doubt that the PRC manufactured and launched COVID as a “biological artillery barrage,” designed specifically to stress and weaken the existing economic and social fabric of the Western world.   That […]

When It’s Least Expected…!

27 June 22   When it’s least expected, you’re elected!   Tony Pagni   This from an LEO friend and student in TX:   “Last Saturday morning, I consumed five cans of spray-paint on some outdoor furniture, continuously pushing on that little button with my right index finger.   That afternoon, while dry-practicing before going […]

Our Constitution

26 June 22   “What is right is often forgotten by what is convenient.”   Bodie Thoene   Our Constitution’s interpretation:   In January of 1973, the US Supreme Court, under then Chief Justice Warren Burger (Richard Nixon was President), ruled that a woman’s supposed “right to an abortion” was in some curious/invisible manner, implicit […]


25 June 22   “The unprepared mind cannot see the outstretched hand of opportunity.”   Alexander Fleming   Rifles for serious purposes:   1) Optic covers. In an emergency, we don’t need to have to remember to flip-up lens covers. We use rugged, military optics. Get superfluous steps out of your life!   2) Covered […]


23 June 22   “None but superficial minds could stumble into the concept of a ‘National God,’ of a ‘National Religion’”   Pope Pius XI, 1937   With today’s landmark Supreme Court Decision, written by Clarence Thomas (a hero of our time), leftist politicians, who never play by the rules, are already declaring that they […]

Meeting lions!

17 June 22   “Naivety doesn’t excuse poor choices, Deary!   You and I both know life is unforgiving.   I can’t rescue every drowning pup that is stupid enough to peer too deeply down a well.”   Richelle E Goodrich   Modern Democrats arrogantly insist that “all wisdom began with them!”   Yet, multiple […]

Privileged Class!

15 June 22   The Privileged Class!   When leftist politicians say ARs are the ‘preferred weapon of criminals,” so therefore must be banned from private possession by “ordinary citizens” (the very politicians who propose such things predictably, and quietly, make an exception for themselves, of course), it is akin to saying:   “Fords, the […]

Sign of the Times!

14 June 22   Rush on magazines!   Friends in the Industry are telling me that, within the last seventy-two hours, online retailers are limiting magazine sales to two or three per order.   Magazines manufactured by Glock, MagPul, Circle 10, Lancer, Okay, Thril, Duramag, et al are all suddenly in short supply!   Over […]

… for all we know!

7 June 22   “All great truths begin as blasphemies”   Bernard Shaw   VHS (Hellion) Rifle and optics.   At a DTI Urban Rifle Program last weekend on the East Coast, I got my first chance to work with and carry the bullpup Hellion Rifle, imported from Croatia by Springfield Armory.  All my students […]

Guns for me, but not for thee!

31 May 22   New “Facts” About Guns:   According to JRB yesterday,   “A 9mm bullet blows the lung out of the body.”   Really! Funny, but I’ve never seen, nor heard of, such a phenomenon, associated with any pistol bullet!   He continues:   “There’s simply no rational basis for it (9mm pistol) […]

2022 NRA Show, Second Day

28 May 22   2022 NRA Show, Second day (and last day for me!)   Much-reduced protestor presence today. There were even a few pro-gun protestors, but I only observed them through a window.   Again, HPD was right on top of it all!   1911 Pistols:   Users of 1911s represent an ever-dwindling minority […]

NRA 2022

27 May 22   2022 NRA National Conference and Show, Houston, TX   I arrived in Houston yesterday, and Vendors’ Show started today at the Convention Center in downtown Houston.   DJT was here and delivered a speech. I did not attend. Watched it on TV later in the day!   Friends familiar with NRA […]


25 May 22   DSM Banners   DSM, famous for their pull-over police banners, now has a bright red non-police version that reads, “Armed Citizen”   Copies are available at:   Farnam discount code is:   farnam10   This product is designed to keep you from being shot by police, or other armed […]

Wealth is Vapor!

23 May 22   Ammunition in Europe, from a friend there:   “With the war still raging in Ukraine, with no let-up in sight, 90% of European small-arms ammunition production is currently going to NATO military stockpiles. Some ammunition is being imported from the USA, but the vast majority is staying (and being consumed) there! […]

More on the Hellion!

22 May 22   More on the Hellion Rifle:   Many has asked if my copy of the Hellion Rifle was provided to me at no cost by SA.   The answer is no!   I purchased my copy from SA, just like any other consumer.  I have no financial relationship with SA, nor with […]


21 May 22   Springfield Armory’s Hellion Rifle, Initial Run   I took my copy of SA’s Hellion Rifle to the Range yesterday for the first time.   As expected, it runs just fine!   “Hellion” (after a Marvel Comics character) in the name given to SA’s import-version of the Croatian-built bullpup VHS Rifle (for […]

On our own!

19 May 22   “On our own!”   The Tops Grocery Store in Buffalo, NY where last Saturday’s multiple murder took place is now indefinitely closed. Residents of the local community now must shop elsewhere.   The 911 Operator who precipitously hung-up on the panicked Tops Store manager who tried to call-in the incident has […]


18 May 22   Ammunition manufacturers are still telling me that primers are in short supply, particularly pistol primers.   However, Defiant Ammunition now has 5.56×45 55gr TCX (all copper) ammunition in good supply, but it won’t last!   Contact Pete Pi directly. Be sure to use the DTI Student Discount Code (below)   Peter […]


17 May 22   “And you throw-off every conceptual cloak of self-defense.   You give-up fleshly resistance of your ego.   ‘Repentance’ has nothing to do with self-serving ‘sorrow’ for transgressions and resultant poor outcomes.   Repentance is an ecstatic self-emptying, a precipitous change of mind about your mode of thinking and being.”   Christos […]


10 May 22   “Jesus reserved his harshest criticism for hypocrites” Philip Yancey   Life in NJ!   I just completed a Defensive Handgun Course in NJ last weekend. I maintain a cadre of enthusiastic students and instructors there!   In NJ, as in a few other states, state-issued CCW permits are unobtainable by mere […]