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James Yeager, 1973-2022

3 Sept 22 “The thing that’s always worried me about being ‘One of the Few,’ is the way we keep getting fewer!” British Flight Officer David Campbell (played by Richard Burton) in the 1962 epic film, “The Longest Day” James Yeager, 1973-2022 My esteemed colleague and long-time friend, James Yeager, died of Lou Gehrig’s Disease […]


27 Nov 20  Shooting Toilets!  When searching for a (relatively) “safe” direction in which to point your carry pistol(s) when you’re not on a shooting range that features a designated backstop, one needs to be careful!  Often, we must handle our guns (that are with us constantly) when we’re not on a range.  For one, […]

Land re-allocation, based on race!

29 July 20“Our votes must go together with our guns. After all, any vote we shall have, shall have been the product of the gun. The gun which produces the vote should remain its security officer, its guarantor”Robert Mugabe“‘Reparations’ are forms of allocating resources to repair harm of injustice directly to the people that have […]

New DTI Training Videos

13 June 20New instructional videos available for viewing on the DTI Web Page.That latest of my training videos, entitled “Fear-Induced Stress,” is now posted in the video section of the DTI Web Page at defense-training.comIt is the first one listed.Many others are also there and available.New videos will be added every few weeks!While at the […]

Four Stages

12 June 20It’s too late to say you’re sorry!How would I know?Why would I care?From “She’s not There,” sung by the Zombies (UK), released in 1964Before elite liberal/socialists become too self-satisfied about recent events, where hated capitalists are seeing their property burned and otherwise destroyed, or seized, by anarchists, and we watch these same anarchists […]

None Dare!

10 June 20None dare call it treason!None dare call them Communists!Visibly armed ANTIFA thugs took over an entire section of the City of Seattle today, including a police precinct station.The “response” of the Democrat mayor and police chief was that both bent-over and dropped their pants!Of course, no one is surprised! ANTIFA thugs are smugly […]

Red Storm Rising!

9 June 20“National” Police?It is in the interests of tyranny and aspiring leftist tyrants to discredit, and eventually disband (defund), local police and sheriff’s departments.By doing so, Marxicrats open the door to the creation of a “national” police force, a “Gestapo” over which they will have complete control, and which they will ruthlessly use to […]

Mob Rule!

8 June 20“You Americans are so gullible!You won’t accept ‘Communism’ outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you’ll finally wake up, and discover you already have Communism.We won’t have to fight you!”Nikita Khrushchev“Justice in Policing”Sucking-up to the mob, Congressional Democrats in Washington DC today predictably introduced their “Promotion of Mob Rule […]

Cannon Fodder!

7 June 20Our Unarmed Forces!Our current Secretary of Defense has smugly ordered all uniformed NG Troops deployed to Washington DC, regardless or rank or duty assignment, to neither carry, nor have access to, guns, nor ammunition, nor weapons of any kind!Our Troopers are unable to protect themselves, while trying to do their duty in a […]


5 June 20Weep for our nation, and yourselves!The radical left is a lethal cancer!Marxists in sheep’s clothing!They have completely appropriated the Democrat Political Party, and most of the media. All opposing viewpoints have been systematically, violently excluded!They detest “capitalists” and our property, and shamelessly use violent rioters to destroy both, as we see!They thrive on […]

6mm ARC

4 June 206mm ARC (Advanced Rifle Cartridge)Hornady recently introduced its new, stubby 6mm Advanced Rifle Cartridge (ARC).It’s basically the 6.5 Grendel, necked-down to 6mm (243cal), and will shoot a 105grain 243cal/6mm bullet.The 6mm ARC is designed to run in existing in M4 platforms.Don’t know the velocity, but I suspect something under 3k.Barrel-length is an issue! […]

What You Don’t Know!

3 June 20Sticks and Stones!ANTIFA revolutionaries, anarchists, looters, and assorted other rioters are using bottles, bricks, sticks, Molotov cocktails, etc to attack police and innocent citizens.A thrown bottle may contain gasoline and a wick, acid, or any number of harmful substances, any of which willcause serious injury, or death.A thrown brick striking a victim’s head […]

Stab in the Back!

2 June 20“Beware the enemy within”CiceroImagine his surprise when an untrained gun-owner, but who has taken Sleepy Joe’s advice, belatedly discovers that shooting for the legs is still “deadly force,” and that such a false strategy does nothing to reduce his legal jeopardy, much less his physical jeopardy!This from a friend in the UK:“”What a […]

Sage Advice!

2 June 20  That noted deadly-force expert, Sleepy Joe, has this sage advice for police: “There are a lot of different things that can change about police training… they can shoot an ‘unarmed’ person coming at them with a knife in the leg, instead of the heart”  From his suggestion that home-owners buy double-barrel shotguns and […]


1 June 20 “Civilization!” This thin veneer we laughingly call “civilization” is a lot thinner than most think, as we see!,The bungling snowflake mayor of Minneapolis is blaming “white supremacists,” even foreign spies, (never his own incompetence) for non-stop destructive rioting in his city. Next, I’m sure “space aliens” will get the blame! NYC’s Marxist mayor has demanded […]

Correction and Comment

29 May 20In my last Quip, I meant to say “George Floyd,” not “George Flynn” (Corrected on Website)And, this response from a friend in the UK:“Violent and out-of-control mobs trashing police vehicles, an entire police station, and other buildings, looting,and attacking innocent people, all right in Minneapolis, and on-going for days on end!Wimp politicians who […]

Unchecked Rioting!

29 May 20“The limitation of riots, moral questions aside, is that they cannot win, and their participants know it. Hence, rioting is not revolutionary but reactionary because it invites defeat. It involves an emotional catharsis, but it must be followed by a sense of futility.”ML KingRioters and looters are not “protesters!”As Minneapolis burns to the […]

Far Right?

27 May 20Far Right?A University of Connecticut senior who is accused of murdering two men (with a gun), injuring another, and kidnaping a woman, during two separate attacks last Sunday (then fleeing in a stolen car), is a well-known far-left ideologue who espouses revocation of our Second Amendment.He wrote in a 2018 post:“School shootings are […]


22 May 20“We’ve developed a new citizenry, one that is selective about cereals and automobiles, is captivated by twelve dancing rabbits singing about toilet paper, but is not able to think.”Rod SerlingCapitalism has failed!Our Constitution, especially our Bill of Rights, is antiquated!Nancy P’s “Marxicrats,” sleazy moral relativists, one and all (good people are not attracted […]

Common Epitaph!

21 May 20“Who are without swords can still die upon them!” From the Tolkien novel, “Lord of the Rings”In reporting yesterday’s mall shooting in AZ, local media reiterated this all-to-common epitaph:“When police arrived at the mall, the scene was no longer active”Additional details are still emerging, but the above headline is the point of this […]