3 Feb 2020

“‘Due process’ is a ‘Notice Concept.’

When the law cannot clearly tell me what I need to do in order to be legal, I’m denied due process.

When those tasked with interpreting and enforcing a law suffer from the same dilemma as those who wrote it, that is, they can’t explain what it says, nor what it means, then we’ve all been denied due process!”


Unlike conventional criminal codes, which provide penalties for certain specific acts that are prohibited by law, “red-flag laws” provide punishment of individual citizens for future crimes, which have never taken place!

Conventionally, criminal suspects were punished for what they had done. Now, anyone can be punished for what someone else thinks they could do, might do!

Joe Stalin implemented a similar strategy with his “turn-in-your neighbor” programs!

An honorable Supreme Court will righteously strike-down this evil and unconstitutional intrigue!

In the interim, an American citizen, who has never committed a crime, who has never been accused of a crime, can with no warning have his Constitutional rights precipitously revoked, simultaneously suffering financial ruin, all because someone he has never met thinks he might commit a crime!

And, it is all done in secret, a Marxist trademark!

Secret, unsworn, unquestioned, unverified, uncorroborated, unchallenged, inexpert, “testimony” with regard to the mental health of an otherwise innocent citizen, on the part of someone who has never even met him, is all that is required!

To add insult to injury, when accusations are all proven false, even maliciously so, the dishonest accuser suffers no penalty!

They simply walk away, with nary so much an “I’m sorry,” nor is there an “I’m sorry” from the court!

Who writes unconstitutional trash like this?


That’s who!

Let us not forget, nor forgive!