24 June 18

On the subject of national border security, from a friend in the UK:

“I only wish we would also take some action to control the stream of illegal migrants flowing here, unchecked, mostly across the Channel!

Out-of-control hoards from North Africa flood through open borders of the ever-hopeless Italians, the perpetually-disorganized Spaniards, and the ‘Wine, Women and Song’ French, all en-route to the UK, and London!

UK’s pitiable ‘border control’ lacks the personnel, equipment, and mandate to aggressively guard the English Channel, and our cops simply cannot cope with the overload. Our rate of violent crime is soaring as a result, as anyone would have predicted!

Illegal immigrants arrive here on anything that floats, especially small rubber dinghies, usually at night. Our entire unguarded coast is wide open!

We citizens function, of course, as ‘useful (and disarmed) idiots,’ helplessly witnessing this cataclysmal descent of our civilization, watching as our once-great nation is sold down the river!

Our liberal media, like yours, endlessly slobbers over these illegal invaders. Curiously, they have never expressed even a hint of sympathy for us beleaguered, tax-paying, and legal UK citizens!

Your liberals are the same as ours!

Liberals actually promote illegal immigration of stagnate, unassimilatable hoards that they can then lord-it-over them, and subsequently use them to terrorize the rest of us, as ‘punishment’ for not voting for them.”

Comment: We see Marxists in every Western nation ( masquerading as “liberals”) likewise openly promoting illegal immigration, openly promoting (indeed encouraging) voter fraud, and openly promoting violent criminal activity (by excusing it, and then calling the rest of us “racists” for even mentioning it), all in a dishonest effort to seize and consolidate political power for themselves!

Marxists (liberals) are so predictable!