28 Oct 16

“The Lawman came with the sun.
There was a job to be done.
And so they sent for the badge and the gun
Of the Lawman.

And, as he silently rode,
Where evil violently flowed,
They knew he’d live or he’d die by the Code
Of the Lawman.

A man who rides all alone
And all that he’ll ever own,
Is just a badge and a gun, and he’s known
As the Lawman”

Theme from “The Lawman” TV series, from 1958-1962, starring Dan Russell

The foregoing put into words the ideal that persuaded me that I was born to be a cop! That is the image that I aspired to. “Lawman” was the title I bore with a fierce pride, and still do!

Those principles or personal honor and duty are now obsolete, I’m told by liberal friends. They’re all dying, and I’m sure I’ll die with them!

Illustrated by the events of 23 Sept 16 in Washington State:

An elected “sheriff” found himself unarmed and unable to protect himself, his wife, and five other innocent citizens who were shot to death, in his presence, at a shopping mall, by a Turkish-born murderer.

This “sheriff” wasn’t carrying a gun that day, and thus found himself every bit as helpless as the rest of the herd of clueless sheep wandering about the mall.

In the aftermath, our “sheriff” pathetically bleated:

“I wish that I had been armed and proactively done something…”

Yes sheriff, don’t we all. Our “sheepdog” was asleep at the switch!

But, like all self-righteous hypocrites, he now is doing his best to “justify” his personal cowardice and incompetence.

He is a disgrace to our profession, and our Code!

He should resign in shame and go back to eating grass, but in our “enlightened” era, he’ll be praised by our liberal, gun-hating media.

For those few sheepdogs among us who still take our oath and Code seriously, going armed is not an “option.” It is a way of life.

“Lawman” is not what we do.

It is what we are!