31 Oct 16


I think a company’s customer service is often more important than the product itself. This is from a friend and student with regard to his Surefire suppressor:

“As you remember, during one segment of our recent Urban Rifle Class, my Surefire suppressor launched itself downrange from the barrel of my M4, due to a fractured locking ring.

I returned it to Surefire, and this is their response. As you might imagine, I’m pleased with their customer service!”

From Surefire:

“I want to give you an update on your RMA suppressor, returned to us earlier this week:

We found your suppressor in need of a new locking-ring and latch. We will be replacing all broken/damaged parts, repainting the suppressor, and test-firing it verify accuracy.

This work is, of course, free of charge, along with shipping charges, and the process will take a week. When you have, questions please let me know.”

Comment: Surefire is a fine company! I only wish all gun and flashlight manufacturers treated their customers with such topnotch service and courtesy.

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