21 Dec 15

“There is no psycho/legislative alchemy through which we get ‘golden conduct’ from ‘leaden character.’”


A Rochester, NY pizza-shop owner, Mufid Elfgeeh, another supposedly “vetted” Muslim immigrant to the US, was convicted recently in federal court of being a recruiter for ISIS. He is currently awaiting sentencing.

Curiously, the main issue in this case has become “buried”. The main issue being that this person, by his own admission, planned to personally participate in the murder of US servicemen, and had illegally purchased weapons (black market) specifically for that purpose.

However, noticeably absent from the ultimate “plea deal” is any mention of the fact that Elfgeeh planned to personally murder members of the US military. In previous court papers, the FBI documented conversations that Elfgeeh had with confidential sources in which he freely talks about his murderous plans.

Here is yet another obvious example of the BHO Administration cynically attempting to “soften” real facts and issues of such terrorist acts by Islamic criminals. We witnessed the same thing when Nadal Hassan actually did murder serviceman in the infamous Fort Hood, TX terrorist attack. That act of terrorism was originally, and insultingly, labeled “workplace violence!” To add insult to injury, the BHO Administration actively opposed all efforts to correct the injustice.

The foregoing is illustrative of an inherent, and fatal, character flaw, shared by all liberals/socialists:

They’re perpetually afraid of the truth, and they lack sufficient personal honor to overcome their fear. We can believe nothing they say, and they are thus unfit to govern, as we see.


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