25 Oct 14

Western Civilization’s “response” to Islamic terrorism is like an alcoholic’s predictable response when confronted with the truth about his habit:

First Denial, then Cover-up.

Canadian reaction to last week’s Islamic terrorist incidents is, of course, lots of requiem “tough talk,” but the deceitful reality is that soldiers there, and here, remain unarmed and are now being told to not to wear uniforms anywhere in public. Troopers in the USA and the UK are also quietly receiving the same directive! While we cynically praise the fearless Sergeant at Arms who responded to the terrorist with righteous gunfire, we instruct our military to “slink and hide.”

Sounds like “surrender” to me!

Meanwhile, we send more unarmed guards to “guard” the unarmed guards!

Several Democrat politicians, with a straight face, have stated that all our courageous combat veterans are mentally ill and should be prohibited from owing guns. Of course, none of them have ever served in uniform. An unmistakable sign of our decline, as a Civilization we apparently no longer feel shame, nor outrage, when such egregious libel and lies are repeatedly exposed, nor with a level of official sleaziness, incompetence, and endless excuse-making that literally costs innocent lives.

Where is Thomas Jefferson when we need him?

So, advice for living in an Age of Islamic Terrorism, when combined with uncaring, incompetent politicians:

1) Carry a pistol of adequate power and capacity, that you have drilled with extensively, and that you can shoot well. “Going armed” is no longer an option!

2) Prepare in depth. You will have to fight it out initially with what you have on hand. But, a military rifle, in an appropriate state of readiness, needs to be always close at hand.

3) Your carry-pistol needs to be in a holster that provides instant, smooth access. Many “deep-concealment” carry options are similar to keeping a rifle in the trunk of a patrol car. It may make you “feel good” that it’s there, but in reality, you probably won’t get to it in time!

4) Tactical medicine is a critical skill all of us must master. We dare not assume a fast EMS response. “Lock-downs” can last for hours, and multiple causalities will delay prompt treatment.

For the foreseeable future, we can count on continued bumbling incompetence and relentless, self-serving denial from the current Administration.

We’re on our own. Actually, we always have been. Many of us are just now noticing!

“Egotism is the anesthetic, provided by nature to dull the pain of being a damn fool.”

Chuck Humphrey